Assistant, MA in Economic and Business Sciences

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Research interests

Asja Pehar Senekovič received her Master’s degree in 2014 at the Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Maribor) on the topic of Benefits of returning migrants from Slovenian entrepreneurs' point of view. During her studies she attended student exchange in Sweden, two international summer schools of University of Ljubljana (2010) and University of Maribor (2012) and work training in Colombia. After completion of her Master’s studies she attended Leonardo da Vinci work exchange in Spain and after her return she started working for NGO ODNOS as associate on the project Help at integration process for people with international protection. In 2015 she enrolled in the doctoral study program titled Migration and multicultural relations at University of Nova Gorica. Since December 2017 she has been employed at Slovenian migration institute as an assistant.

Fields of interest: forced migration, refugees, migration and integration policies, inclusion of immigrants.

Selected publications

PEHAR, Asja (2016). Factors of social integration of immigrants in Spain. Dve domovini/Two homelands, number 43, p. 129-141.

BORŠIČ, Darja; PEHAR, Asja (2015). Benefits of returning migrants from the perspective of Slovenian entrepreneurs. In: Danilova, Elena; Makarovič, Matej; Zubkovych, Alina - Multi-faced transformations : challenges and studies, Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. P. 61-85.