The Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Research Station in Maribor, started its operation in April 2010 with its premises in the renovated Karantena building. Since late 2019, it is located at Moša Pijade 22 street, in bigger facilites and includes more researchers.

The researchers are most closely connected with the work of the institutes of ZRC SAZU: Institute of Cultural History, Institute of Slovenian Ethnology, Slovenian Migration Institute, France Stele Institute of Art History, Milko Kos Historical Institute, Jovan Hadži Institute of Biology, and Institute of Musicology.

The research at RP Maribor ranges from humanism and social sciences, all the way to molecular and behavioral biology. It covers both research areas that are closely related to the local environment of the research station, as well to global science. At the same time, the researchers prepare public events in cooperation with Maribor's public institutitions in the field of culture and science.